Jul. 24th, 2009

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  • No, you may not have more milk. For the past hour you've been on and off my breast like a jack in the box. You twisted my nipple into shapes it was never meant to be twisted. You leaned your entire weight on the edge of my breast until I shrieked. You kneed me in the belly, thighs, crotch and face. Right now, the Milk Bar is Closed.
    This is my body, I need a break from nursing and I really don't believe you're that hungry, no matter how much you wail at me. If it's that serious ask Daddy for some toast and your water bottle.
  • My foot pumice is not an eating thing. You have enough roughage in your diet.
  • I know there's nothing to see or do on your back, but dirty nappies are Not Negotiable. Your waste eats at your skin and makes it inflamed within an hour. The dirty nappy has to come off.
  • Yes, you do need a clean nappy. I know you were born free, but you haven't had to clean up the carpet and it's an experience I don't ever want to repeat, thankyouverymuch.
  • That thing you do, where you put one foot flat and use the other knee, to crawl? You're copying the crab-walking little girl you played with at the Library on Monday, and it's very cute. You did freak your Daddy out though, who thought there was something wrong with your legs.
  • Shrieking at things does not make them work the way you want them to. Just a word to the wise.
  • I love your fascination with glitter, and all things pink. My own internal sexism makes me tend to walk past those things when shopping for you, but I love that you so often react to them. I hope I can nurture this blossoming of your own tastes.
  • Please don't ever lose your love of music. I love so much that anything catchy makes you clap your hands and bop. Even advertising jingles.
  • Some days I am tired, cranky and impatient. I yell, give you less time than you need, don't explain things. I'm sorry. Please know that I still love you, very much, and I like the little personality that I see developing in front of my eyes, every day.


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