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  • This lurgy is still kicking my arse.
  • Am increasingly irritated by friend-cum-childcarer who consistently cancels on me despite friendship & us paying her twice what she gets from anyone else (whom she does not cancel on). Upset by potential whininess & entitlement on my part vs obvious devaluing of my time by not doing paid work on her part, as exhibited by SMSes to inform me of non-arrival 11pm night before, and increasingly late morning arrival (with occasional cancellations in the mornings, apparently due to sleeping in on her part). Thinking will just cancel all childcare arrangements, attempt to save friendship. May be health issues on her part (but then why none of the four other days she works seem to be affected?). May be coloured by next point however.
  • Have wicked PMS.
  • If child agrees to learning to toilet, can send to Montessori preschool, as know it has vacancies. Although expenditure = :(
  • On other hand, child out of house x5 days = more time to work on home business, look for more solid employment.
  • Employment means we could potentially buy a Roomba. Am kinda craving a Roomba. If I calculate that child-detritus can be tidied sufficiently to make it a valuable investment.
  • All currently moot, until lurgy is defeated.
  • PS.This Clinique foundation is a better colour than anything I've tried so far (all WAY too dark, ugh spare me the fake tan). May be solid investment for high-maintenance & performance days.
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