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2010-08-25 07:50 am
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We still get together with most of the group of mothers and children we found ourselves amongst at the Early Childhood Centre. Monday was a baby shower at someone's house. Two of our number already have second children, tiny bobble-headed things compared to our sturdy two years olds, who rush across the landscape like dervishes now.
"My goodness!" exclaimed the pregnant mother at her baby shower. "B, this house is covered with parenting magazines!"
"Mine has magazines all over", volunteered T. "But there, they're food."
And mine has craft and sewing magazines.
The disparity of tastes and strong preferences struck me anew as I looked around. The mothers I find myself spending the most time with are not people I'd normally have picked for friends; their personal interests tend to different arenas than me. But early motherhood forged a bond. I wonder if we'll stay in touch, in years ahead. I would like to thnk, at least in some cases, we would, even in the form of the lone Christmas card and family photograph once a year.